Brian E. Flynn, PE, PC is a private consulting firm specializing in building and home inspections in the Greater New York City area. The firm was founded in 2000 and is insured. Clients include home owners, contractors, developers, lawyers, architectural and engineering firms. Brian E. Flynn, PE is a licensed engineer by the NYS Department of Education




Professional Affiliations

Queens Chapter NYSSPE


The Queens Chapter of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers, Inc. (NYSSPE) is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of the engineering profession. We are the local chapter of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) serving the Queens borough of New York City.


Since 1989, the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers has worked to establish the highest standards for the building and home inspection industry and to verify the qualifications of individuals offering these services.

NABIE strives to protect the integrity of the home and building inspection industry, and thus, the general public. We accept as members only state-licensed professional engineers and registered architects specializing in the practice of building inspection engineering.

National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers - STANDARD OF PRACTICE




A Board-Certified Building Inspection Engineer has demonstrated special knowledge that adds insight and judgment to the critical thinking skills acquired through a four-year baccalaureate degree in engineering or architect, many years of practical experience, and the experience and test validation necessary to achieve the P.E. or R.A. designation. This certification conveys a breadth of knowledge and competence, two criteria most respected by the public we serve.

BIECI Certification Program

BIECI Body of Knowledge



National Academy of Forensic Engineers: NAFE, a chartered affinity group of NSPE, advances the art and skill of engineers who serve as engineering consultants to members of the legal profession and as expert witnesses in courts of law, arbitration proceedings and administrative adjudication proceedings.

Board Certified Diplomate - The NAFE is a founding (charter) member of the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB). As such, individuals holding a member grade status or higher within the NAFE are Board Certified Diplomats of the CESB through the NAFE.



The Order of the Engineer was initiated in the US to foster a spirit of pride and responsibility in the engineering profession, to bridge the gap between training and experience, and to present to the public a visible symbol identifying the engineer.


The International Code Council (ICC) is a member-focused association. It is dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures. Most U.S. communities and many global markets choose the International Codes.

The International Codes®, or I-Codes®, published by ICC, provide minimum safeguards for people at home, at school and in the workplace. The I-Codes are a complete set of comprehensive, coordinated building safety and fire prevention codes. Building codes benefit public safety and support the industry's need for one set of codes without regional limitations.

Fifty states and the District of Columbia have adopted the I-Codes at the state or jurisdictional level. Federal agencies including the Architect of the Capitol, General Services Administration, National Park Service, Department of State, U.S. Forest Service and the Veterans Administration also enforce the I-Codes. The Department of Defense references the International Building Code® for constructing military facilities, including those that house U.S. troops around the world and at home. Amtrak uses the International Green Construction Code® for new and extensively renovated sites and structures. Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands enforce one or more of the I-Codes.



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